Vlad 19: Sex and Eternity

So there you are, out in the great wilderness (or just your backyard) enjoying the outdoors, and then…bzzzzzzZZZZZZ SLAP! Ow! Freakin’@#* Mosquitoes!!

Besides creating itchy welts and ruining the fun of being outside, what are those little bloodsuckers good for?

Well, supposedly everything has a purpose in “The Grand Scheme” of things…

Even Vlad ?????

6 thoughts on “Vlad 19: Sex and Eternity”

    1. Hey Erick!

      Thank you for supporting Third Rail Cartoons!

      And so Glad you like the site!

      Bill does the artwork, Mom does the scanning, and I manage the site: a “village” effort!

      Bill also has some funny stuff under the “Vintage Third Rail” page; one of my favorites is the cartoon with the pizza shop that only sells pizza by the slice.

      I can’t send you to the directly to the frame, but i can send you to the gallery viewer, and that cartoon is at the top. Link below:


      Have a great day, and AWESOME woodworking!

      Rich “BillsRep” Harrington

    1. Ha Ha!

      Hey Paul!

      And that’s putting it mildly!

      What a Cad!!

      Thanks again for supporting Will and Vlad!

      Live Long and Prosper!!

      Rich 🙂

  1. Hey, Will.

    I like that one. Very clever. Vlad and another bloodsucker. How about one with an ex-wife(wives)? Okay, I will leave the writing to you.

    Press on, my brother.

    1. Hey Steve!

      Thank you for supporting Will’s “Vlad!”

      Funny about the ex-wives and blood suckers in the same sentence!

      But actually, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag a bit here, in that Will HAS BEEN thinking about adding a dynamic involving a woman. See what he comes up with!

      As for the mosquito: if a bite from a vampire makes you a vampire, and that vampire bites someone to make them a vampire; then I’m confident the zombie apocalypse started with this one mosquito!!!!

      Have a GREAT day, my N-12 Brother!

      Rich 🙂

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