Vlad 24: Logic Latch

Have you ever had a conversation with your buddy, and just as soon as you think you’ve got him intellectually cornered….


The left field red herring comes out! And you’re stumped!

(Well, Vlad is no different!)

6 thoughts on “Vlad 24: Logic Latch”

    1. Hey Paul!

      Yeah, Vlad’s extended time in the crypt was more his publisher’s (me) fault! Will’s been cranking them out, so more to come!

      Thanks for your continued Support…


      Rich “Bills Rep”

  1. Ha! Nice. I like the last line especially.

    You know, this could’ve been two cartoons. Panel two provides the punchline for one. Panel four is a great finish with a lot of room for set-up in panel three. Any premise where Vlad would be making some extraordinary claim could be the set up. Two cartoons. You could’ve doubled your money by releasing them separately. You might wanna consider new management for not catching that trick. 馃槈

    Here ends the unsolicited advice.

    Great work!

    Keep on.

    1. Current management has moral dilemmas publishing your post, you knowitallpretentiousbastard.org,Bro


      –Current management

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