A Brand New cartoon strip featuring the frustrations and observations of a 960-year old Vampire walking among us, named, for short "Vlad."

You think YOU'RE Tired and had enough?? Wait till you see what Vlad has to say!

Since August of 2017!

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Vintage Third Rail

Vintage "The Third Rail" Comics: offbeat, irreverent, and sometimes too many dots to make any connections. If you "got it," maybe you better keep it to yourself and pretend to groan in protest!

Some even in FULL COLOR!

Often featured in "The ConnectoR," U Mass Lowell's Student Newspaper.

This is where it all started!

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And Another Thing

Some things I just have to express!

And here you'll also find other things I've done that aren't related to anything else; and links to other comics and other art that I appreciate.

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