Vlad 21: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Fortune tellers, psychics, palm and tarot card readers, and even those gazing into the crystal ball are fun, because they provide a voyeuristic peek of the road ahead, which can easily be dismissed if it’s not the news you want to hear.

But they ALWAYS tell us what we WANT to hear, right? “…I see a big promotion ahead, maybe some travel, long life (like 960 years??) And then there’s…LOVE, ahhhhh, yes…Amore!! The sweet, sensuous and slow, summery…amore!

All VERY GOOD news!

…and for Vlad?


3 thoughts on “Vlad 21: Something Wicked This Way Comes”

    1. Ha Ha!

      Hey Paul!

      Like Vlad–the jaded 960 year-old, been-there-got the T-shirt, crusty old CAD that he is–were you a previous passenger on this train (wreck) called LOVE?

      Or were you the conductor?

      Got the scars to prove it?

      My scars are bigger than yours! (oh, YES they are!!)

      Ha ha!

      So, Paul, what’s your crystal ball see for Vlad?

      Also, THANK YOU! for supporting Will and Vlad!!!
      (and let’s see what the wind blows in…)

      Rich 🙂

  1. That was perfect. What is worse for Vlad? The marriage part or being married to the Christian? A double whammy!

    Good work, Will.

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