Vlad 18: Redemption Technical Questions

Ever find yourself daydreaming at work about a good movie? More so, imagining that you’re actually in it?

For instance, in the move “The Shawshank Redemption,” the character Andy Dufresne spends years toiling and chipping away to create an escape tunnel behind a picture of Raquel Welch, enabling him to, on a Dark and Stormy night, spirit and squirrel away through it! Hooray!!

But did you ever wonder, how he ever managed to so nicely re-attach the picture back to the wall behind him?

“…Well, I’ll take this pin here, ya see, and uh, with two hands, and uh, angle this here, and uh, well, TWO pins, or tape on the other side, yeah, TAPE and uh….”

Anyway…..Vlad’s there daydreaming with ya!

2 thoughts on “Vlad 18: Redemption Technical Questions”

    1. Hey Paul!

      So, yeah, though, how did he seal it around the hole around him on his way out, though? (And clearly better than Vlad!)

      And I did some research:

      Shawshank Redemption was set in 1947, and double sided tape was invented between 1941 and 1945,


      so its POSSIBLE that’s what he did….but who wants to unveil the magician’s tricks!

      And Raquel rocks!

      Thanks for stopping by, Paul!!


      Rich 🙂

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