Vlad 19: Sex and Eternity

So there you are, out in the great wilderness (or just your backyard) enjoying the outdoors, and then…bzzzzzzZZZZZZ SLAP! Ow! Freakin’@#* Mosquitoes!!

Besides creating itchy welts and ruining the fun of being outside, what are those little bloodsuckers good for?

Well, supposedly everything has a purpose in “The Grand Scheme” of things…

Even Vlad ?????

6 thoughts on “Vlad 19: Sex and Eternity”

  1. Hey Bill,
    First time checking out your site. Love it. Have to catch up with the previous releases.


    1. Hey Erick!

      Thank you for supporting Third Rail Cartoons!

      And so Glad you like the site!

      Bill does the artwork, Mom does the scanning, and I manage the site: a “village” effort!

      Bill also has some funny stuff under the “Vintage Third Rail” page; one of my favorites is the cartoon with the pizza shop that only sells pizza by the slice.

      I can’t send you to the directly to the frame, but i can send you to the gallery viewer, and that cartoon is at the top. Link below:


      Have a great day, and AWESOME woodworking!

      Rich “BillsRep” Harrington

  2. Will,
    Vlad is a hoot. A bit of a narcissist – which is hilarious!
    Hope you are well!!


    1. Ha Ha!

      Hey Paul!

      And that’s putting it mildly!

      What a Cad!!

      Thanks again for supporting Will and Vlad!

      Live Long and Prosper!!

      Rich 🙂

  3. Hey, Will.

    I like that one. Very clever. Vlad and another bloodsucker. How about one with an ex-wife(wives)? Okay, I will leave the writing to you.

    Press on, my brother.

    1. Hey Steve!

      Thank you for supporting Will’s “Vlad!”

      Funny about the ex-wives and blood suckers in the same sentence!

      But actually, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag a bit here, in that Will HAS BEEN thinking about adding a dynamic involving a woman. See what he comes up with!

      As for the mosquito: if a bite from a vampire makes you a vampire, and that vampire bites someone to make them a vampire; then I’m confident the zombie apocalypse started with this one mosquito!!!!

      Have a GREAT day, my N-12 Brother!

      Rich 🙂

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